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Character Creation - Magic Users
« on: April 01, 2012, 04:13:39 PM »
I want to clarify a few points in regards to magic users and character creation since the sample character creation is not a magic user.  

Will based attributes govern the use of magical abilities.  Characters have 0 in this magical abilities unless points are put there during character creation.  This means under most circumstances, these characters will never be able to use magic.  If a magical ability is selected during character creation, then it must be raised to a minimum of 20.  Unlike the other abilities that begin at 10%, magical abilities are at 0.  This means it costs magic users a few more points.  

Now, once you have one magical ability, a character can learn new magical abilities, at the GM discretion.  These rules are covered in the rules.  

As an option rule, a PC can be created that is capable of using magic, but has no training and can't cast spells.  At character creation 5 points can be spent attuning the character to magic.  At a later stage, the character can use XP to learn a magical ability.
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