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Race Template
« on: November 05, 2013, 03:15:06 PM »
I whipped up this template for anyone creating their own races to use; it's basically set up as a "fill in the blank" by replacing the words in the document.  Yeah, it's simple and anyone could do it but sometimes having a frame to build on is easier.

Name of Race: A few lines or a paragraph describing physical characteristics such as height, weight, hair, etc.

Initial Core Attribute guidelines: At character creation, players allocate ___ points to the following four attributes but must stay within the guidelines.  During the course of game play, these core attribute ratings may fall outside of these ranges.


Optional Rule: Allocate ___ points to the four attributes and then add ___ to Health, ___ to Agility, ___ to Mind, and ___ to Speed. If the amount added by the die would raise the value above their racial limits, then the value is recorded as the highest value within the facial limit. 

Excluded Abilities: Use “none” or list the abilities that are excluded.
Restricted Abilities: Use “none” or list the abilities that are restricted.

Racial Traits: Use “none” or describe traits such as heightened vision, heightened sense, resistance, etc.

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