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SteamCraft RPG / Getting Prepped
« on: October 28, 2017, 10:52:43 PM »
I have some down time coming up at work and some people interested in playing so I printed out 10 copies each of the character sheet and airship record sheet.  Fingers crossed for a smooth game.

PJ Fantasy RPG / GM Prompts: In/On a Desk
« on: January 17, 2017, 07:22:54 AM »
Here's a list of prompts that I'm working on to help me when I'm working on an adventure for my campaign or I need to wing it.  This list is not exhaustive and is only bate ideas; the details still need to be fleshed out.

In/On a Desk
1. A stack of blank parchment.
2. A quill & ink.
3. Key (one or multiple on a ring).
4. Loose coins.
5. A map.
6. Crumpled up parchment.
7. Page ripped from a book.
8. Sealing wax & stamp.
9. Letter opener.
10. Reading glasses.
11. Candle.
12. Magnifying glass.
13. Measuring tape.
14. Wax-sealed parchment.
15. Personal journal.
16. A sketch of....
17. Charcoal stick.
18. Ink vials (empty or full).
19. A ring.
20. An open book.

It's still up to me to fill in the details whenever I use this list.  Is the item magical or of the everyday type?  Is it cheap or expensive?  Does it give hints?  What?

I know this has been done before but I came into my head and O just wanted to get it out.  I'm going to tighten it up a bit and put the info in a PDF with expanded notes.  Are there any glaring omissions?  Do you have anything similar? 

General Discussion / fanzine contents - feedback requested
« on: December 23, 2015, 01:31:35 PM »
There are some ideas that are obvious for use in a fanzine.  Character options - race, order, flaws, edges, equipment, magic, etc. - in addition to the ones included in the core rules are pretty much in any gaming fanzine.  Other ideas include:

* adventure seeds

* NPCs, monsters, etc.

* ideas on using rules in a new genre (ghost-busting, sci-fi, etc)

So, what else would you like to see in a fanzine devoted to PJ Fantasy and SteamCraft?  Have I overlooked anything?

General Discussion / fanzine
« on: December 22, 2015, 06:23:59 AM »
I'm assembling articles and ideas for a fanzine devoted to Perilous Journeys Fantasy RPG and SteamCraft.  My question is simple - do you want each issue to be focused on one game only OR should the focus de split between both games each issue? 

I'll probably start out as bimonthly or quarterly until I get a good surplus of articles built up.  The goal is a free one or two page PDF somewhat reminiscent of the old Roleplayer magazine from Steve Jackson Games.

PJ Fantasy RPG / (WIP) New Monster Stats - Humanoid
« on: October 08, 2015, 08:10:27 PM »
This thread is reserved for the discussion of new monsters that would fall into the humanoid category.  This thread is considered a work in progress that will continue to be updated until the stats are "right".  Some possibilities include the following.

Kobolds resemble small dog-faced humanoids.
Minotaurs appear to be large, burly humans with the head of a bull.
Neanderthals are an evolutionary throwback from a more primitive age.
Sasquatches have the general appearance of some mixture of man and ape.

SteamCraft RPG / New Creatures?
« on: June 21, 2015, 06:32:33 PM »
Who has new creatures to share?  I have a few I'm working on now.

I think some sort of gargoyle or minotaur would be great additions.  Maybe a gargoyle that looks like a traditional statue that activates when someone crosses a certain point in their path.  It could be a hallway with a certain set of tiles that are pressure activated or something similar.  A close clockwork minotaur as a roaming guard might work well also. 

More ideas and creature stats coming soon...

PJ Fantasy RPG / Ideas for new Magic Items
« on: January 05, 2015, 01:58:19 AM »

With the recent posting I have done about the Perilous Journeys Fantasy Role-Playing Game I have had a few ideas here and there for some personal additions to the game.  These are far from complete but I wanted to post them up to preserve the ideas.  The main point is to get the idea down so I can use it later. 

Blanket of Rejuvenation          VII
When a character uses this blanket for rest then Health is recovered at 30% of its normal rating per day assuming a full 8 hours of rest in a safe location.  If not, then health is restored at a rate of 10% per four hours of rest with 4 being the minimum required for health restoration.

Boots of Water Walking          VI
The wearer is able to walk on water for a short distance or a short period of time.  Probably limited uses per day.

Cloak of Invisibility          ?
When the wearer draws the hood over their head and gives the command word, they will turn invisible for a limited amount of time.  Limit the number of uses per day.  Maybe throw in adding to thievery, stealth, or something similar.

Dust of Sleep          V
When the user sprinkles this or blows it in the victim's face, the victim will go to sleep for 2 rounds.  Limit the amount of doses in a bag.

Key of Entrance          VIII or IX?
This is a normal looking key that will actually open up any mundane lock that it is used for.  Upon insertion, the key must lay still so it can adjust to the lock.  The simpler the lock, the faster it is to open.  More complex locks will require more time.

Spectacles of Comprehension          VII
Using this normal looking set of eyeglasses will allow the reader to read any writing they come across in their own language.  Put a time limit and a daily usage on it.

As I previously mentioned, this is all a work in progress and is not complete yet.  More later...

BTW, suggestions and feedback welcome.  How much magic items that any of you created?  Let's see them.  8)

General Discussion / Dual Stat Products
« on: February 02, 2014, 12:17:28 PM »
I am considering doing my campaign world document in a single, dual-statted file.  One system will definitely be PJ Fantasy but the other system is probably going to be one of the OGL clone/neo-clone systems; probably S&W or Back to the Dungeon!.  Of course, I am going to make sure that all of the open content is done correctly and kept separate from the stuff that is not.  One way to do that is to put the open content in a separate appendix.  Another is to do the stats facing each other but have the open content set apart in a text box or a grey-scale background or something similar.  I am not worried about that at this point.  I just want to know what people think of dual-stat products.  Granted, mine is going to be free for download but I just want to

PJ Fantasy RPG / [Toldara] Anshus (Ideas on conversion)
« on: February 01, 2014, 07:42:27 PM »
I am posting one of my optional PC races, the Anshus, from my Toldara campaign setting.  I am very interested in converting the setting over to the PJ Fantasy rules and I have already started the process.  What I am interested in is if anyone else has any ideas without looking at my conversion work.  Here follows the original 3.x version.

Anshus are renowned for their abilities to hunt and track in the woods.  Human armies typically have atleast one Anshu scout.  Anshus are fairly strict traditionalists and believe their homelands will provide most of their needs.  Anshus are typically slow to form bonds with outsiders but when they do, have proven to be steadfast allies.  Upon betrayal or when their homelands are threatened, anshus have proven to be just as powerful adversaries.

Personality:  Anshus are never quick to make any decision concerning others; slow to judge or trust outsiders.  Those that gain the trust and friendship of an Anshu have gained a faithful companion.  Anshus have a deep respect for tradition and generally oppose random change.

Physical Description: Anshus typically stand between 5 and 6 feet tall weighing from 125 to 175 pounds with a generally slim, athletic build.  Their features are basically feline with fur that is often brown or yellow in color and even a tail. Anshus reach maturity at the age of 14 years and can live to be 90 years of age.
Relations: Anshus have been in a century’s long war with the Karnins. There are periods of peace between them but the truces are uneasy at best. Eventually, the hostilities seem to be always be triggered again. Anshus share a deep mutual respect of nature with the Elves and often trade goods with them. Anshus get along well with Humans except when they get greedy and try to expand into their lands.

Alignments: Anshus are usually lawful, and they tend toward neutral. Adventuring anshus may not fit the typical mold of anshun society.
Anshu Lands: Although Anshus can be found in most places, the largest anshu populations are typically located in the forests and plains.

Religion: The chief deity of the Anshus is Kithra, the Den Mother. She is the origin of all anshus in the world. They also revere numerous smaller gods in charge of such things as the seasons, hunting, food, etc.

Language: Anshus communicate with each other by a somewhat primitive language consisting of various feline like sounds. Many anshus have learned common as well. Most other races can not seem to master the anshu language.

Names: Anshus have three names. The first name is given at birth by the parents, the second name comes from the tribe, and the third name is awarded by the tribe elders based on the greatest aptitude or accomplishment of the individual.

Adventurers: Anshus typically do not go questing in search of gold & other coins.  They do, however, enjoy challenges and will also rise to defend the honor of their families and civilization. 

•   +2 Dexterity, -2 Constitution: Anshus are quick and agile to compensate for being somewhat frail
•   Medium-Size: As Medium-size creatures, anshus have no special bonuses or penalties due to their size.
•   Anshu base land speed is 40 feet.
•   Low-Light Vision: Anshus can see twice as far as humans in starlight, moonlight, torchlight, and similar conditions of poor illumination. They retain the ability to distinguish color and dress in these conditions.
•   Natural Weaponry: Anshus have clawed fingers that can be used to inflict 1D4 damage.
•   +2 racial bonus on Balance, Climb, and Tumble checks: Anshus are surefooted an agile.
•   +2 racial bonus on Animal Empathy and Wilderness Lore checks: Anshus do not only live in the wilds, they are a part of it.
•   +2 racial bonus on Listen checks: Anshus have keen ears.
•   Automatic Languages: Common and Anshunti. Bonus Languages: Dwarven, Elven, Gnome, Goblic, and Orc. Smart Anshus learn the languages of their friends and enemies.
•   Favored Class: Ranger. A multiclassed Anshu's ranger class does not count when determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing.

SteamCraft RPG / SteamCraft Character Reference
« on: January 18, 2014, 04:13:59 PM »
I have worked up a draft of a character creation quick reference for SteamCraft.  I would appreciate any input on this thing.

Is there anything that should be added?

Is there anything that should be removed?

Are there any glaring errors that I missed?

PJ Fantasy RPG / Ideas for New Flaws
« on: November 08, 2013, 03:37:42 PM »
The following is nothing more than quickly stated ideas for new flaws.  The same thing goes for these flaws as with the new edges.  I have not taken the time to verify there is no overlap with existing flaws or added any true details.  Feel free to make suggestions, modify, or present your own ideas below.


Deep Sleeper – Character needs time to get up and go upon awakening.

Odious Personal Habit – Character engages in noticeably annoying behavior such as picking nose, etc.

Rude – Character does not waste time with manners or etiquette.

PJ Fantasy RPG / Ideas for New Edges (Modified)
« on: November 08, 2013, 03:35:04 PM »
The following is a new list of potential new edges.  This is a better list in my opinion and has replaced the original list; the original post is the first replay now.


Affinity – the character is a natural at a single ability and receives a bonus when performing that ability.
I am not sure how big the bonus should be.

Light Sleeper – the character does not require any adjustment time to overcome disorientation because they are aware and ready the second they are awakened.
This might be what you had in mind on the open eyes edge and I just didn't read enough into it.

Sensitive – the character has an inborn awareness of the supernatural and magic.

Wealthy – the character comes from a family that is part of the upper crust of their social class.  The starting funds for the character is doubled.

Any feedback?

PJ Fantasy RPG / Character Creation Quick Reference
« on: November 05, 2013, 03:17:22 PM »
It's not like character creation in PJ is complicated but sometimes it is nice to have all of the information in one spot.

PJ Fantasy RPG / Race Template
« on: November 05, 2013, 03:15:06 PM »
I whipped up this template for anyone creating their own races to use; it's basically set up as a "fill in the blank" by replacing the words in the document.  Yeah, it's simple and anyone could do it but sometimes having a frame to build on is easier.

Name of Race: A few lines or a paragraph describing physical characteristics such as height, weight, hair, etc.

Initial Core Attribute guidelines: At character creation, players allocate ___ points to the following four attributes but must stay within the guidelines.  During the course of game play, these core attribute ratings may fall outside of these ranges.


Optional Rule: Allocate ___ points to the four attributes and then add ___ to Health, ___ to Agility, ___ to Mind, and ___ to Speed. If the amount added by the die would raise the value above their racial limits, then the value is recorded as the highest value within the facial limit. 

Excluded Abilities: Use “none” or list the abilities that are excluded.
Restricted Abilities: Use “none” or list the abilities that are restricted.

Racial Traits: Use “none” or describe traits such as heightened vision, heightened sense, resistance, etc.

PJ Fantasy RPG / Deities
« on: November 03, 2013, 05:06:55 PM »
I was browsing through old posts about LA earlier and I ran across all of the issues of the Portal.  I believe that issue #3 had stats and guidelines for deities.  Do you plan on including similar information in a revised PJ?  I'm just curious.  I could see it go either way - hard and fast stat guidelines OR just a description of the deity and a complete absence of stats because who is going to engage a god? 

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